On the roads

So me and my sister went to __________ yesterday and on the way I figured out we’re almost out of gas (surprise!).
Luckily she knew a gas station on the area, she even knew what gas I need (ofcourse I didn’t)!
So anyway, after exiting the gas station… she was like “I know the way, turn left here” and after a few seconds “oh oops, not here” and I was like “too late!”…

So I had two options (three inlcuding the illegal one):
* Turn around on the first chance.
* Continue with the road and hope for a miracle.

We continued with the road until we came to a crossroad I “knew”.
After a few minutes I saw a “Labanon st.” sign and I told my sister “oh good, I know this street. We’re on the right away” and I continued to drive… later to figure out I knew this street’s name because we needed to turn there!

After a few other mistakes (sis: “turn left here”) we figured where we are and went back to the Lebanon st., from there it all went fine.

Conclusion: When a woman tells you “turn left here” she either means to turn right or to go forward.


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